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Hans Kasper (Graduated May 2022)

  • December 2017, Functional Molecular Systems

Hans Kasper was born in Paterswolde (The Netherlands) in 1992. He finished his BSc (2014) in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and his MSc (2017) in Chemistry at the University of Groningen. His MSc project, under the guidance of  Prof. Wesley Browne, was on in-line reaction monitoring in flow reactors using Raman spectroscopy. In 2016, he had a short research stay in the group of Prof. Miquel Costas at the University of Girona (Spain) studying oxidation catalysts and in 2017 he did an internship at Sabic working on the identification of contaminants in bulk processes. He is a PhD student in the Browne group since 2017,  focused on the mechanisms in manganese catalysed oxidations.