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Jorn Steen (Graduated May 2022)

  • September 2017, Functional Molecular Systems

Jorn Steen was born in the small village of Marrum in Friesland, The Netherlands, in 1993. He finished his BSc (2014) and MSc (2016) in Chemistry at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. His MSc research project, under the guidance of Prof. Wesley R. Browne, concerned the synthesis of electrochemically polymerisable photo- and redox-active compounds, as well as the deposition of these compounds onto electrodes as functional thin films and their characterisation by various spectroscopic and electrochemical techniques. In 2016, he had a short stay in the group of Nathalie Katsonis at the University of Twente carrying out research on the incorporation of liquid crystals and molecular switches into droplets, and in 2017 he did an internship at Catexel staying outside the lab and performing market research instead. Currently, he is finishing up his thesis focused on the photo- and redox chemistry of spiropyrans in solution and on surfaces, as well as including ventures into the influence of electrochemical measurements on the pH near electrode surfaces, and, for something completely different, manganese-catalysed oxidation catalysis. Jorn defended his thesis on May 3rd 2022