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Software for spectroscopy

Spectragryph - absolutely essential spectral handling software (Stratingh Institute staff and students download here). Training material is available on request.

Raman Spectroscopy

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FT(N)IR Spectroscopy

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UV/Vis absorption spectroscopy

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Emission Spectroscopy

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Instructions and manuals for EI FS5

Resources for electronic spectroscopy (group only)

Spectroscopy websites with useful application notes

The McCreery group have a useful page dealing with Raman spectral calibration Raman Shift Frequency Standards

Andor Technology has mainly videos and application notes available
Horiba has an extensive library of material for spectroscopic applications
Cobolt lasers

Instruction videos and standard operating procedures

Not all links are publically accessible (contact us for more information). All instructional material is provided at users own risk.

Measuring surface contact angles

Measuring FTIR spectra with a Jasco FP4600 with ATR

Building and using an Avantes fibre/probe based Raman spectrometer

Guide to a AnalytikJena Specord600 UV/Vis absorption spectrometer

Thesis template for Texeditor

Laboratory procedures (group only resource)

Documents and guides (group only resource)

Python scripts (group only resource)


A introduction to electrochemistry is provided in the primer (link below) which is based on the 2nd year BSc Chemistry course Electrochemistry and Energy of the University of Groningen

Electrochemistry, Oxford University press Primer, Wesley R Browne,

Online electrochemistry laboratories are available for downloading and use (non-profit only) from the file sharing service of the university of gronigen. Contact us for access to this material.

Materials Characterization

Recommended books

Electrochemistry websites with useful application notes