News and group activities

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Events and Media

Congrats to Andy and Niels on their recent papers in JACS and Langmuir!

Hanneke Siebe is in the spotlight for work on novel coatings

Recent and upcoming PhD Defences and Graduations

Elia Savino - MSc Chem Eng graduated in March 2023

Hanneke Siebe –  PhD defence 16.15, 4th July 2023

Team building is an important part of education and research so we celebrate non-science events and success also.

We had a successful 'Werkweek' trip to Copenhagen and Lund to visit Topsoe, DTU chemistry, MaxIV and Lund University Physical Chemistry department.

Ronald Hage, Steven Sullivan, Niels Klement and Maurits de Roo

Browne group team wins annual rondjebiotoop (around the old biology building) relay race at the annual Stratingh Institute science and team building day - of course they also dressed for the carnival like occasion!

Group Symposium and Dinner december 2022

The end of the calendar year was celebrated with a group symposium with presentations from bachelor and masters symposium followed by a more than we could eat dinner.

Group activity to one of the Dutch islands Schiermonnikoog

Just out of the COVID restrictions what better than to get a bus and a ferry to a North Sea Island for the day and take a dip in the water (in March). Probably not the most sensible thing to do but it does show character!

Beach walk after NCCC 2022 

NCCC was in May for one year so nice wheather for a beach walk between the 3 days of science in Noordwijkerhoot, NL. Hanneke Siebe was awarded the Best Lecture award!