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Andy Sardjan

  • September 2021, Photochemical mechanisms

Andy Sardjan was born in Delfzijl (The Netherlands) in 1998. After competing in the international chemistry olympiad in Georgia (2016). He finished his BSc in chemistry (2019), BSc in physics (2020) and MSc in chemistry (2021) at the University of Groningen. His bachelor projects employed fluorescence upconversion spectroscopy to study the effect of viscosity on the excited state of molecular motors under the combined supervision of prof. Wesley Browne and Prof. Steve Meech at the University of East Anglia. His MSc project involved the application of combined operando: Raman, EPR, UV/Vis and Emission spectroscopy to study various chemical systems, such as the drying of paint and molecular switches. In 2020, he worked with Prof. Wybren Jan Buma on the femto- and nanosecond transient absorption spectroscopy of spiropyrans and spiropyran-polaritons at the University of Amsterdam. Since 2020 he is pursuing a PhD in the Browne group, focusing on fundamental photochemistry of molecular switches.