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Maurits de Roo

  • December 2021, Electrochemical synthesis

Maurits de Roo was born in Friesland (The Netherlands) in 1996. He concurrently attended the BSc Chemistry and BSc Chemical Engineering (2014-2018) and MSc Chemistry and MSc Chemical Engineering (2018-2021) at the University of Groningen. His MSc project, under the guidance of Prof. Wesley Browne, was on the manganese catalyzed epoxidation of EPDM rubber (with co-supervision by Prof. Martin van Duin) and on the catalase activity by Fe(II)(N4Py) (with co-supervision by Prof. Ronald Hage).  He has been a PhD student in the Browne group since 2022,  focusing on reaction mechanisms in copper catalyzed oxidations, funded by the Advanced Research Center - Chemical Building Blocks Consortium (