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Recent Publications

Activation of alkyl hydroperoxides by manganese complexes of tmtacn for initiation of radical polymerisation of alkenes  Eijsink, L.E., Sardjan, A.S., Sinnema,  E., den Besten, H.,  Zhang, Y.,  Hage, R.,  van den Berg, K.J., Flapper,  J.,  Feringa, B.L., Browne, W.R., Cat. Sci. & Tech. 2024 in press

Reaction of (N4Py)Fe with H2O2 and the relevance of its Fe(IV)=O species during and after H2O2 disproportionation´╗┐
de Roo, C.M., Sardjan, A., Postmus, R., Swart, M., Hage, R., Browne W.R. ChemCatChem, 2024 in press

Ultrafast motion in a third generation photomolecular motor
Roy, P., Browne, W.R., Feringa, B.L., Meech, S.R. Nature Communications, 2023, 14, 1253

Backward multiplex coherent anti-Stokes Raman (CARS) spectroscopic imaging with electron-multiplying CCD (EM-CCD) camera, Murakami, Y., Yoshimura, M., Klement, W.J.N., Oda, A., Sakamoto, R., Yakabe, M, Matsumoto, A., Oketani, R., Leproux, P., Ikenouchi, J., Browne, W.R., Kano, Hideaki, OSA Continuum, 2023, 2, 2044 - 2054

Control of Photoconversion Yield in Unidirectional Photomolecular Motors by Push–Pull Substituents

Roy, P.; Sardjan, A.S.; Danowski, W.; Browne, W.R.; Feringa, B. L.; Meech, S. R., J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2023, 145, 36, 19849–19855

Selective Analysis of Redox Processes at the Electrode Interface with Time-Resolved Raman Spectroscopy

Klement, W.J.N., Steen, J.D, Browne, W.R., Langmuir, 2023, 39, 10383–10394

Formation of substituted dioxanes in the oxidation of gum arabic with periodate

Siebe, H; Sardjan, A; Maßmann, S; Eisink, N; Flapper, J; van den Berg, K; Kentgens, A; Feringa, B; Kumar, A; Browne, W R., Green Chemistry, 2023, 25, 4058-4066

Reversible Deactivation of Manganese Catalysts in Alkene Oxidation and H2O2 Disproportionation

Kasper, J. B., Vicens, L., de Roo, C., Hage, R., Costas, M., Browne, W.R. ACS Catalysis, 2 2023, 13, 6403–6415

Molecular switching on surfaces

Steen, J.D., Duijnstee, D.R., Browne, W.R., Surface Science Reports, 2023, 

A Common Active Intermediate in the Oxidation of Alkenes, Alcohols and Alkanes with H2O2 and a Mn(II)/Pyridin-2-Carboxylato Catalyst

Kasper, J.B., Saisaha, P., de Roo, M., Groen, M.J., Vicens, L, Borrell, M., de Boer, J.W., Hage, R., Costas, M.C, Browne, W.R., ChemCatChem, 2023, e202201072

Photophysical and electrochemical properties of meso-tetrathien-2′-yl porphyrins compared to meso-tetraphenylporphyrin

O'Neill, J. S., Boyle, N. M., Thayse, M. P.; Heintz, K., Browne, W. R., Quilty, B., Pryce, M.T., J. Photochem. Photobio. A: Chem 2023, 4381, 114573

Ultrafast motion in a third generation photomolecular motor

Roy, P., Browne, W.R., Feringa, B.L., Meech, S.R. Nature Communications 2023,14, Article No. 1253

In situ EPR and Raman spectroscopy in the curing of bis-methacrylate-styrene resins
Eijsink, L. E, Sardjan, A. S., Sinnema, E. G, den Besten, H, van Den Berg, K. J., Flapper, J., Van Gemert, R., Feringa, B.L., Browne, W. R. In: RSC Advances 2022, 12, 2537-2548.

pH-Induced Changes in the SERS Spectrum of Thiophenol at Gold Electrodes during Cyclic Voltammetry
Steen, J. D.Volker, A.Duijnstee, D. R.Sardjan, A. S. & Browne, W. R., In: The Journal of Physical Chemistry. C: Nanomaterials and Interfaces. 12617p. 7680-7687

Single wavelength colour tuning of spiropyran and dithienylethene based photochromic coatings
Feringa, R., Siebe, H. S., Klement, W. J. N., Steen, J. D., Browne, W. R., Materials Advances. 3, 1, 282-289

Photoactive Fe Catalyst for Light-Triggered Alkyd Paint Curing
Bootsma, J., Browne, W. R., Flapper, J., Bruin, B. D., JACS Au. 2, 2, 531–540 

Photoswitchable architecture transformation of a DNA-hybrid assembly at the microscopic and macroscopic scale
Simeth, N. Mendoza, P.Dubach, V. R. A.Stuart, M. C. A.Smith, J. W.Kudernac, T.Browne, W. R. & Feringa, B. L.2-Mar-2022In: Chemical Science. 1311p. 3263-3272 10 p.

Dissociative Ligand Field-Based Photochemistry in Organometallic Compounds
Browne, W. R. & Chen, J.2022Springer Handbook of Inorganic Photochemistry. Bahnemann, D. & Patrocinio, A. O. T. (eds.). Springerp. 447-458 12 p. (Springer Handbooks).

Light-driven molecular motors embedded in covalent organic frameworks
Staehler, C.Grunenberg, L.Terban, M. W.Browne, W. R.Doellerer, D.Kathan, M.Etter, M.Lotsch, B.Feringa, B. L. & Krause, S.20-Jul-2022In: Chemical Science. 1328p. 8253-8264 13 p.

Cooperative light-induced breathing of soft porous crystals via azobenzene buckling
Krause, S., Evans, J. D., Bon, V., Crespi, S., Danowski, W., Browne, W. R., Ehrling, S., Walenszus, F., Wallacher, D., Grimm, N., Többens, D. M., Weiss, M. S., Kaskel, S. & Feringa, B. L., 12-Apr-2022In: Nature Communications. 1310 p., 1951.

Stereodivergent Chirality Transfer by Noncovalent Control of Disulfide Bonds
Zhang, Q.Crespi, S.Toyoda, R.Costil, R.Browne, W. R.Qu, D-H.Tian, H. & Feringa, B. L.16-Mar-2022In: Journal of the American Chemical Society. 14410p. 4376-4382 7 p.

A nonheme peroxo-diiron(iii) complex exhibiting both nucleophilic and electrophilic oxidation of organic substrates Torok, P., Unjaroen, D., Viktoria Csendes, F., Giorgi, M., Browne, W. R. & Kaizer, J., May-2021, In: Dalton Transactions. 50, 7181–7185.

Electrochemical Ring-Opening and -Closing of a Spiropyran Steen, J. D., Duijnstee, D. R., Sardjan, A. S., Martinelli, J., Kortekaas, L., Jacquemin, D. & Browne, W. R.,  The Journal of Physical Chemistry. A: Molecules, Spectroscopy, Kinetics, Environment, & General Theory.  2021, 125, 16, 3355–3361

Engineering the Oxidative Potency of Non-Heme Iron(IV) Oxo Complexes in Water for C-H Oxidation by a cis Donor and Variation of the Second Coordination Sphere Wegeberg, C., Skavenborg, M. L., Liberato, A., McPherson, J. N., Browne, W. R., Hedegard, E. D. & McKenzie, C. J., 1-Feb-2021, In: Inorganic Chemistry. 60, 3, p. 1975-1984 10 p.

Excited State Structure Correlates with Efficient Photoconversion in Unidirectional Motors Roy, P., Sardjan, A. S., Cnossen, A., Browne, W. R., Feringa, B. L. & Meech, S. R., 8-Apr-2021, In: The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. 12, 13, p. 3367-3372 6 p.
Filter paper based SERS substrate for the direct detection of analytes in complex matricesSiebe, H. S., Chen, Q., Li, X., Xu, Y., Browne, W. R. & Bell, S. E. J., 21-Feb-2021, In: Analyst. 146, 4, p. 1281-1288 8 p.

Iron Tetrasulfonatophthalocyanine-Catalyzed Starch Oxidation Using H2O2: Interplay between Catalyst Activity, Selectivity, and Stability Genuino, H. C., Meinds, T. G., Broekman, J. O. P., Staal, M., Brinksma, J., Wielema, T., Picchioni, F., Browne, W. R., Deuss, P. J. & Heeres, H. J., 1-Jun-2021, In: ACS Omega. 6, 21, p. 13847-13857 11 p.

Isolation of a Ru(IV) side-on peroxo intermediate in the water oxidation reaction Casadevall, C., Martin-Diaconescu, V., Browne, W. R., Fernandez, S., Franco, F., Cabello, N., Benet-Buchholz, J., Lassalle-Kaiser, B. & Lloret-Fillol, J., Aug-2021, In: Nature Chemistry. 13, p. 800-804 6 p.
Mechanisms in manganese oxidation catalysis with 1,4,7-triazacyclononane based ligands Kasper, J. B., Steen, J. D., Hage, R. & Browne, W. R., Jan-2021, Recent Highlights I. Hubbard, C. D. & van Eldik, R. (eds.). ACADEMIC PRESS INC ELSEVIER SCIENCE, p. 143-182 40 p. (Advances in Inorganic Chemistry; vol. 78).

Off-line analysis in the manganese catalysed epoxidation of ethylene-propylene-diene rubber (EPDM) with hydrogen peroxide De Roo, C. M., Kasper, J. B., Van Duin, M., Mecozzi, F. & Browne, W., 14-Sep-2021, In: RSC Advances. 11, 51, p. 32505-32512 8 p.
Photophysics of First-Generation Photomolecular Motors: Resolving Roles of Temperature, Friction, and Medium Polarity Roy, P., Sardjan, A. S., Danowski, W., Browne, W. R., Feringa, B. L. & Meech, S. R., 4-Mar-2021, In: The Journal of Physical Chemistry. A: Molecules, Spectroscopy, Kinetics, Environment, & General Theory. 125, 8, p. 1711-1719 9 p.

Photoresponsive porous materials Danowski, W., van Leeuwen, T., Browne, W. R. & Feringa, B. L., 7-Jan-2021, In: Nanoscale advances. 3, 1, p. 24-40 17 p.

Three-State Switching of an Anthracene Extended Bis-thiaxanthylidene with a Highly Stable Diradical State Wonink, M. B. S., Corbet, B. P., Kulago, A. A., Boursalian, G. B., De Bruin, B., Otten, E., Browne, W. R. & Feringa, B. L., 3-Nov-2021, In: Journal of the American Chemical Society. 143, 43, p. 18020-18028 9 p.

Emergence of light-driven protometabolism on recruitment of a photocatalytic cofactor by a self-replicator Monreal Santiago, G., Liu, K., Browne, W. R. & Otto, S., Jul-2020, In: Nature Chemistry. 12, 7, p. 603-607 10 p.

Impact of binding to the multidrug resistance regulator protein LmrR on the photo-physics and -chemistry of photosensitizers Mejias, S. H., Roelfes, G. & Browne, W. R., 7-Jun-2020, In: PPCP : Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. 22, 21, p. 12228-12238 11 p.

Noncommutative Switching of Double Spiropyrans Kortekaas, L., Steen, J. D., Duijnstee, D. R., Jacquemin, D. & Browne, W. R., 13-Aug-2020, In: Journal of Physical Chemistry A. 124, 32, p. 6458-6467 10 p.

O-2 Activation by Non-Heme Thiolate-Based Dinuclear Fe Complexes Gennari, M., Wang, L., Reinhard, F. G. C., Padamati, S. K., Philouze, C., Flot, D., Demeshko, S., Browne, W. R., Meyer, F., de Visser, S. P. & Duboc, C., 2-Mar-2020, In: Inorganic Chemistry. 59, 5, p. 3249-3259 11 p.

Ultrafast Excited State Dynamics in a First Generation Photomolecular Motor Sardjan, A. S., Roy, P., Danowski, W., Bressan, G., Nunes dos Santos Comprido, L., Browne, W. R., Feringa, B. L. & Meech, S. R., Apr-2020, In: Chemphyschem. 21, 7, p. 594-599 7 p.

Visible-Light-Driven Rotation of Molecular Motors in a Dual-Function Metal-Organic Framework Enabled by Energy Transfer Danowski, W., Castiglioni, F., Sardjan, A. S., Krause, S., Pfeifer, L., Roke, D., Comotti, A., Browne, W. R. & Feringa, B. L., 13-May-2020, In: Journal of the American Chemical Society. 142, 19, p. 9048-9056 9 p.